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Bikini Tops for Women

Life is too short to be spent in boring swimwear. Ramp up your wardrobe with these voguish designs and turn up the funk with a glamorous rhinestone bikini top.

Life is too short to be spent in boring swimwear. Ramp up your wardrobe with these voguish designs and turn up the funk with a glamorous rhinestone bikini top.

Whether it is chic neutrals, bright colors or prints, our carefully curated women’s swimsuit tops collection is here to leave you wanting for more.

From sequin bikini tops to risque crazy-cuts, we’ll make sure you have the best to choose from.

Keep the beach queen in you, kicking and alive. Wear the bikini tops from Undressed Boutique and shine brighter than the sun.

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It’s time to don the fun frills, razor halters and choose from an array to cater to every whim and fancy.

Don’t be afraid to play it up and embrace the beauty of different body types. Undressed Boutique has the coolest swimsuits and tops for women of all shapes and sizes.

We celebrate all aspects of feminine beauty. Whether you are curvy, voluptuous, skinny, Undressed Boutique is here to rev up your swimwear staple.

Our brand is all about body positivity and we pay special attention to comfort and fitting. With our stylish, well fitted swimsuit tops for women, we stand for keeping the beach fun alive.

Mix and match your swim tops for every mood and choose from pastels, color blocked prints and subtly stylish hues. Whether you need an off-shoulder bikini top or prefer a tie bikini top, the high quality fabric will make you feel great and good in your body.

It’s time to pull out that itsy-bitsy swimsuit top, bottoms and have fun!

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Choosing a bikini top can be overwhelming. Decide on whether you need bigger bust support, or are looking for statement making patterns and designs, cover ups or a long torso fit.

If you are big on prints then choose what your heart desires. Want to rock a high cut monokini, go ahead and we have your back!

At Undressed Boutique, we are big on quality and are delivering the best swim tops for women. Remember it’s all about comfort, fit and quality and we’re here to meet your every expectation.

We use high quality premium fabric. We have bikini tops decorated with fringe, jewels, straps and chains.

At Undressed Boutique, we have the latest fashion styles, also classy, sporty, glamour styles with jewels, and cut out one piece monokinis. Here’s a quick link for our new summer collection.

No if you take proper care of the bikini top. It may however if the bikini top is exposed to direct sunlight and comes in prolonged contact with chemicals like that found in a spa or heavy chlorinated water.


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